Why do flies persistently

  dagnammit 12:56 30 Jun 09

land on you when you fight them off?

Is it like an ego thing? Damn they're annoying - there's one seriously irritating me as I type.

  DieSse 13:43 30 Jun 09

"Why do flies persistently land on you when you fight them off?"

It's in their nature to do so.

Next question?

  jakimo 13:59 30 Jun 09
  DieSse 16:10 30 Jun 09

Of course, if you subscribed to the "Intelligent Design" supposition, then

They were designed to do it. And there must be a higher purpose in them doing so that only the designer can comprehend - so just quit complaining.


  Grey Goo 17:08 30 Jun 09

They will fly towards the brightest (in light terms that is) point. If you make the room dark and open a door or window then the blighter should fly out. Otherwise it's out with the Piff Paff.

  BT 17:10 30 Jun 09

I know a joke about keeping flies off your melon, but its far too rude to post here....

  Stuartli 17:39 30 Jun 09

Emulate President Obama's nifty bit of fly removal.

Cheaper than Grey Goo's Piff Paff and you too could star on YouTube..:-)

  Forum Editor 17:48 30 Jun 09

that you'll be troubled less if you avoid wearing yellow or sky blue.

  exdragon 17:54 30 Jun 09

Good job I don't have a sunny disposition then!

What I'd like to know is why they circle around under the light fitting, when it's broad daylight and therefore not switched on.

  Bingalau 17:59 30 Jun 09

exdragon. They are waiting for you to put the old honeypot flycatcher thing up there. I think you can still get them by the way.

  DieSse 17:59 30 Jun 09

"why they circle around under the light fitting"

The "Intelligent Designer" designed 'em to do that - don' you no nuffin??


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