Why this desire to sort my Files?

  wee eddie 21:57 10 Dec 12

Windows does it with Libraries, My Camera's Software tries to do it every time I connect my Camera to the PC and every Picture Editing Package that I have downloaded wants to do it as well.

Now we have just had a complaint that the latest version of iTunes is doing it as well. Not even your Music Collection is safe from the rabid sorters

Why, oh why, do they have to treat us, the customers, as if we were so imbecilic that we are unable to create a filing system that we can find our own way around?

  Woolwell 22:00 10 Dec 12

If you see some of the computers where the user hasn't clue where they saved the file, has never backed it up then a file sorter is rather good.

Didn't find the new version of iTunes resorted my music. It is more difficult to get back to the iPad/iPhone from the iStore to where i want to be.

  wee eddie 22:18 10 Dec 12

Then, market a File Sorter, give it away for free if you wish, but please do not start sorting my files every time I launch the program.

  kad60 23:06 10 Dec 12

Because we compartmentalise things in order to give order to our existence.!? just a thought.

  canarieslover 09:48 11 Dec 12

All software designers are just biding their time until they get selected for a safe parliamentary seat. They are just practising with running your life on computer until they can do it for real!!!!!


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