Why are we cheapskates when buying pc hardware?

  JYPX 23:47 16 Jul 04

Come on now, don't try to deny it, YOU KNOW THAT THIS IS TRUE. Everyone that I know, either building a new pc or upgrading hardware is obsessed with saving 50 pence or whatever on each component, and will drive all other the place to achieve this, ("hey look, it's 98p cheaper and it's only 15 miles away"). And don't tell me this is just thrift. These very same people will tell you that they bought a Toshiba dvd player for 70 quid instead of the asda own brand machine because "quality counts" Funny that isn't it?

  norman47 00:29 17 Jul 04

How true.

Look at the forums, 256mb of ram at £xxx

But it's only £xxx-50p here.

I hold my hand up, I try to get the best I can afford, but I do shop around for the best deal for that particular item. Perhaps this is the internet incarnation. We would normally go down to our high street and purchase from our local vendor.

The advent of the internet, debit and credit cards gives us the astronomical prospect to buy either in this country or from abroad. Although this does give us a choice in which retailer we buy from, the effort sometimes needed to save insignificant sums ( pennies) hardly seem to be worth the effort.

Oh. toy-r-us have 25 cd's for 4.99 can anyone beat that?

  sidecar sid 07:34 17 Jul 04

Aria have 100 for £11.74

click here

And i might just be cheapskate enough to try them.

  spuds 12:24 17 Jul 04

Cheapskate,now that's going a bit.I always like to think and say that I am very frugal in my buying and selling powers.

But taking all in consideration, I can honestly say that I have spent the odd pound or two, so as to save that few pence.Its all part and parcel of the human mind and modern day living.

  pj123 13:38 17 Jul 04

I don't think we are cheapskates, we all want best value for money, don't we?

I quite often compare prices for the same item on the internet. Some are cheaper but don't include postage and packing costs, some might look a few pence dearer but do include P&P. It often works out the same or cheaper to buy locally. This doesn't just apply to PCs though. I vowed a long time ago to stop shopping at Asda. My local filling station operated a "pricematch" system, unfortunately, my local council has just bought the site to make a roundabout there. Asda is now the cheapest filling station around, so where do I go now???? Yes, Asda of course.

  Forum Editor 13:54 17 Jul 04

as long as you understand that cheap items sometimes come with a hidden price promise. The retailer may not offer so much by way of customer service, and you may have to wait longer for the phone (or your email) to be answered if you have a problem.

  pj123 14:52 17 Jul 04

It's not necessarily "cheap items" FE. The DVD/RW drive that I bought ranges in price from £48 to £74 in eight different stores on the internet. Why would I want to pay £74 when I can get the same item for £48? I don't think that's being a cheapskate, I think that's being prudent.

  Old Shep 17:26 17 Jul 04

Bit like subscribing to the PCA magazine to get it cheaper (and earlier) what a load of cheapskates you are.

  Mister Splendid©® 22:39 17 Jul 04

Shoppimg around online to save a little money is not being cheapskate, it's being "financially efficient"!

  norman47 01:22 18 Jul 04

Gotta have some of them, I'll save mmmmm. where's my calculator. :-)))

  Dorsai 19:23 21 Jul 04

I wanted to get a printer. Had already made my mind up as to which. Varied in price from £100 to £80 witin 200 yards of each other in two close trading estates. way pay £100 when all it take is two mins to walk a very small distance down the road and pay £80.. Two mins, £20 quid, thats £600 pounds and hour. Just price concious is all...

And the cheapest/most expensive shops both belong to the same parent company!

On the net the prices ranged from £75 (plus postage) to about £110 (plus postage). So much for the net being cheaper!

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