Whooping Cough cases on the rise

  Strawballs 25 Oct 12

I do hope people who don't want to get their children vaccinated take note!!

Tenth Death

  Forum Editor 25 Oct 12

It was inevitable. Whooping cough comes and goes in a cyclical way.

Modern Whooping cough outbreaks are thought to be the result of the bacterium mutating, and although vaccination levels are now at record levels the population may actually be more vulnerable because of over 50 years of vaccination.

  Strawballs 25 Oct 12

It is also of the years of the fears of that vaccination leaving us with a lot more adult carriers, as it said in the article adults may have it but could go unnoticed so spreading it!

  Forum Editor 25 Oct 12

"adults may have it but could go unnoticed so spreading it!" Historically that has always been the case, - the UK vaccination programme has only been running since 1957. It's certainly true however that there are probably many more cases of adult whooping cough that go undetected as a result of the vaccination scares. The number of cases in adults may actually be higher than those in young children. Adults are vulnerable if their last immunisation was more than ten years ago - contrary to popular belief immunisation doesn't give you immunity for life.

The immunisation rate for children in this country is currently running at around 94%, but those at highest risk are very young babies who haven't had a primary immunisation - 1 in 50 of these will die if they get whooping cough.

When you get whooping cough you've got it - nothing can alter the course of the disease once it starts. People take various medicines and palliatives, but none of them will make a material difference to the course of the illness. Your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic to stop you becoming a carrier, but it won't cure your dose of the cough.

Very young babies and the very elderly may get additional treatments, but that would be done in hospital.


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