Who will be Who ?

  Dragon_Heart 12 Jun 13

So now that Matt Smith has decided to hand in his 'sonic screwdriver' who will they pick for the new regenerated Dr Who ?

Based upon the story lines over the past few years they will have to be young and / or physically fit.

Will they go with an establish, well known actor to the TV public or go, as they did with Matt Smith, for an virtual unknown to the general viewing public ?

Will they keep the same format i.e. a male actor ?

If they decided upon a woman I would suggest Joanna Lumley OK OK I know she's a pensioner now but she is still a fine actress. She also player the Doctor in a Red Nose Day sketch, very funny ! Or how about Helena Bonham Carter if Tim Burton does not need her for one of his films for a couple of years.

How about a black Dr Who ? I would suggest someone like Arinze Kene who has played in Casualty, EastEnders and Hollyoaks or Daniel Kaluuya who has already acted on Dr Who back in 2009 he also played Agent Tucker in Johnny English Reborn.

There is, what appears to be, on ongoing theme of the Doctor not wishing to regenerate with red hair ! So how about Eddie Redmayne (Les Misérables) ?

Dr Who with attitude ? Vinnie Jones :-)

  wiz-king 12 Jun 13

Who cares? Hype of the year contest.

Bah Humbug.

  Quickbeam 12 Jun 13

Who Knows...?

Tom Baker was the only one to take the role not quite seriously enough thereby making him the most credible Dr Who of all time.

If Dr Who can be resurrected many times, why can't the best one by far be recast? He'll still be younger than William Hartnell who was well over a hundred when he was first cast.

  wee eddie 12 Jun 13

Violet Elizabeth Bott

  lotvic 12 Jun 13

I'm thorry, I can't acthept, I'm a bith buthy thith year.

  wee eddie 12 Jun 13

I'm good at skreeemin though

  Quickbeam 12 Jun 13

You cannot be therious.

  Quickbeam 12 Jun 13

or even theroiuth!

  Aitchbee 12 Jun 13

I would willingly take on the part ... as long as could park the Tardis on my verandah ....

  Quickbeam 12 Jun 13

A Tardis can be parked anywhere, anytime, even where your verandah is, before it was there, or long after it's gone...

  Aitchbee 12 Jun 13

... I'm not up for the part then!


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