Who was sleeping in your bed?

  jakimo 13:22 30 Oct 09

plus the date, name,sex,date of birth and their address ...Thats the type of questions the next national census will ask you,..how many bedrooms do you have...how well can you speak english..questions on civil partnerships,on race and religion,some quite intrusive, and so it goes on.

The type of questions they used to ask in communist states,...one consolation,you will be allowed to complete the form online

click here

  Quickbeam 13:30 30 Oct 09

Wrong link?

"The personal information that people provide on a census questionnaire is completely confidential and is protected by law. Personal census data is kept confidential for 100 years. No personal census information is shared with other government departments or local authorities. On release after 100 years, census information can then provide a fascinating insight for family historians and social researchers." from click here

  Quickbeam 13:33 30 Oct 09

But asking how many bowls of porridge you make will be going just too far;)

  Falkyrn 14:09 30 Oct 09

Details of overnight visitors have long been a part of many census records - have a look at some from the 19th century to see people listed as "visitors".

The 1911 census in Ireland counted the number of rooms and the number of windows to grade properties.

  eikonuj 14:54 30 Oct 09

Not a problem, just tell lies.......:)
If you believe that the information is totally confidential give Santa and the Tooth Fairy my regards.

  amonra 15:37 30 Oct 09

Just wait for a few weeks until after the census then a lot of the data will probably be available on EBay on a "lost" data stick. lol

  Input Overload 21:33 30 Oct 09

just had a look and Mr Cat is asleep on the bed, will I have to count him?

  Deekio 00:20 01 Nov 09

Glad to see there are more cynics than just me around, must come with age/experience?

  rdave13 00:41 01 Nov 09

" age/experience".
Boredom soon sets in eh?

  spuds 08:35 01 Nov 09

When people start talking about confidenciality, and non-disclosures within government circles, then they are living on cloud cuckoo land.

There are vast amounts of information about, that concerns individuals, which they are unaware about. A little bit of probing might uncover some, but others doors will be firmly locked. And we are not just talking about a 30/100 year rule!.

  gengiscant 08:56 01 Nov 09

At 55 years of age,I have managed to go through life without once filling out a census form,I have no doubt been included on the odd one, but I have never trusted the government of whatever persuasion to keep information confidential.

As for historians and researchers needing fascinating reading in a hundred years time,if the doomsayers and global warming brigade have their way,reading will be the least of their needs.

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