Who remmebers these films

  finerty 28 Mar 12

Public Information

Sadly they are closing their doors. Shame really as a lot of these films knocked a lot of common sense into children and adults

  finerty 28 Mar 12

and heres another one

Public information films

  Quickbeam 28 Mar 12

Regginald Molehusband was by far the best PIF character.

If you know the whereabouts of a copy of any of these, get in touch with the BBC.

  Quickbeam 28 Mar 12

...your 15 minutes worth of fame awaits you:)

  spuds 28 Mar 12

The COI might be closing, but there is still a whole lot of information being produced in all shapes and manners, especially on Health and Safety.

Thinking about all the archived stuff that perhaps the 'normal public' haven't been able to see, reminds me of Bob Monkhouse and the collections he obtained over years. Some of that collection was part of lost material, that had been dumped many years before, and as now become of further interest by collector's or other interested parties.

When Pathe News closed, that was also stated as a very sad day!.

  Chegs ®™ 28 Mar 12

I was only a child when Reginald did his thing,but many years later I still find myself referring to this PIF character whenever I see crappily parked cars.

  morddwyd 28 Mar 12


Guilty as charged!

I am the original Reginald Molehusband.

If it's not at least fifty yards long (by the kerb) or ten car widths wide (in a car park) I don't even bother trying!

  al's left peg 28 Mar 12

There was the one about the impending nuclear holocaust from the Eastern Block. Paint your windows white and hide in the cupboard under the stairs. Yeah right!!!

  spuds 28 Mar 12

al's left peg

That information seemed to be around in 1939/1945, but that wasn't nuclear ;0)


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