Who invented the internet?

  Graham ® 20:29 04 Sep 04

Tim Berners-Lee, that's who!

click here

  Dan the Confused 20:46 04 Sep 04

He is credited with the World Wide Web (different thing). Who invented the internet? click here

  Graham ® 20:59 04 Sep 04


  Dan the Confused 21:10 04 Sep 04

I used to think they were the same too, I think a lot of people do, so didn't mean to sound pedantic. I only found out after having an argument with my brother about it :D

  CurlyWhirly 21:12 04 Sep 04

I always thought that the Internet and the World Wide Web were the SAME thing!
The above 2 links have explained this to me.

  VoG II 21:25 04 Sep 04

So who invented surfing?

  Graham ® 21:34 04 Sep 04

The Aussies click here

  VoG II 21:55 04 Sep 04

Oh, right. And they used the Kon Tiki to reach Cornwall?

  spuds 22:05 04 Sep 04
  JAN-BOY 22:34 04 Sep 04

The Kon Tiki went the other way! South America.

The Cornish taught themselves. :-)

  Easterner 22:48 04 Sep 04

To be pedantic as an earlier post mentioned, I think that Kon-Tiki went from South America :-)

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