Which smartphone feature could you not live without?

  PC Advisor 09 Nov 12

We want to know what your favourite smartphone feature is.

Let us know in our poll.

Poll: Which smartphone feature could you not live without?

  interzone55 09 Nov 12

I've voted for Other - as I'm pretty sure I could live without any feature on my phone, indeed I'm reasonably sure I could live quite well without my phone.

On a side point, yesterday I borrowed a colleagues ancient company Nokia to make a call where I needed to withhold the number as we can't do it from our desk phones. It felt really weird holding an old style slim non-smart phone. Like swapping from driving a truck to a car - everything was so much smaller, and easier to use.

  Woolwell 09 Nov 12

morddwyd - You have missed my point. Many buy a smartphone because of its additional features eg pim, GPS, etc. They could buy any phone to do texting. Texting should be in the same category as phone calls which was removed.

  interzone55 09 Nov 12


I was thinking that myself.

The only phone's I know of that can't text are the some of the Doro phones for people with mobility problems, and even they can receive text messages


  hssutton 10 Nov 12

My very old basic phone was more than ideal for me until recently when I aquired a smartphone. The only reason for the smartphone was the ability via an App to control my cameras

  caccy 10 Nov 12

I don't have one but would suspect the favourite feature is being able to recharge it.

  chub_tor 13 Nov 12

I have only recently joined the smartphone ranks and I did so because my camera broke and my old phone was well just old. I am assuming that the "photos/videos" section of the questionnaire includes the camera so that is what I voted for.

  Forum Editor 13 Nov 12

For me it's email.

I feel tense if I'm without email for more than a couple of hours.

Here comes that nice nurse with another tablet.

  Bing.alau 14 Nov 12

Wish I could get a nice nurse to bring mine.

  SeiyaIkki 15 Nov 12

Well, obviously mp3, SMS and voice calls, good camera and a couple of games


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