Which is older?

  rdave13 14 Jan 12

Amazon or Ebay. This question popped up in ITV's Million Pound Drop? If you've seen the show then please don't answer. See if the internet sleuths can find out. Only a year in it.

  Forum Editor 14 Jan 12

I haven't seen the show, in fact I've never heard of it, but my answer would be Amazon.

  rdave13 14 Jan 12

Now I have a problem. I can't find the program in ITV player and can't quite remember the actual question. Whether it was which site actually sold an item first or which site was established first. According to Wikipedia Ebay was established in 1993, Ebay

As to Amazon Wikipedia shows this . Clearly stating 1994.

Now the couple won £125,000 as Amazon was the correct answer to the question. I suppose I'll have to either look for a repeat or try ITV player again at a later date.

  rdave13 15 Jan 12

That's strange, the link for ebay showed 1993 when I visited last night. You might be right fourm member. The programme is on Channel 4 not ITV4. Still, the FE was right.

  X7-250 15 Jan 12

there is a view history tab at the top of the page, you can then compare the changes, it shows 1993 was edited to 1995 last night.

  rdave13 15 Jan 12

X7-250, thanks for that. A lesson learnt for me. Not really worth using Wikipedia then.


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