Where you were born film

  Graham. 23:56 11 Dec 10

I got mixed results, see how you get on click here

  Forum Editor 00:02 12 Dec 10

of a vivid imagination at work. It's the kind of thing that makes the internet such a fascinating medium.

  rdave13 00:16 12 Dec 10

Nah.. I use Google for email and search engine and they have enough data on me as it is.
Chrome, I have tried ,and as a browser it leaks more than the Titanic did.

  Forum Editor 00:31 12 Dec 10

I've been using Chrome as my main browser for some time now, and I'm very happy with it. I evaluated it for clients, and experienced no particularly worrying security issues.

As for worrying about Google and your personal data, how is the Wilderness Downtown going to compromise you? Frankly I can't see the problem.

  wolfie3000 00:51 12 Dec 10

Yeh only works on Chrome, interesting concept though.

Worked well until half way through then crashed chrome.

I expect they will continue to work on it until its stable.

Loved the idea, but needs work.

  rdave13 01:20 12 Dec 10

Forum Editor, try a search engine to evaluate the search engines you use.
Best again ,evaluate the browser you use.

  Forum Editor 01:27 12 Dec 10

Didn't you read my earlier post? I have evaluated the browser I use. I use Chrome, and I'm satisfied with it as far as security goes.

I've been involved with web browsers since web browsers began, and I've not experienced a security problem yet. There's far too much paranoia around the subject of browser security.

  rdave13 01:50 12 Dec 10

"There's far too much paranoia around the subject of browser security."
And rightly so, don't you think?

  rdave13 02:07 12 Dec 10

Chrome is wonderful in your eyes. Could you please demonstrate how Google browser does not keep information on your browser habits?
Seeing that, as a consultant ,you should be aware of all the failings of each browser?
Personally IE9 beta cannot be beaten for privacy. It allows you to delete all forms, history, and passwords during closing the browser.
Something Chrome lacks I believe?

  mark2 08:20 12 Dec 10

Works fine in the iron browser,

  mark2 08:23 12 Dec 10

chrome without privacy issues see click here

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