Where there's muck, there's brass

  oresome 00:35 02 Feb 09

Is an old Yorkshire saying and to prove it the EU are being persuaded to inject £219m into a project to build a coal fired generating plant in Yorkshire. As if we haven't enough already.

The idea is that the CO2 will be stripped out and stored underground ad infinitum.

I wonder if it will eventually get into the aquafers and we'll finish up with fizzy water coming out of the taps?

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  robgf 00:51 02 Feb 09

I saw a new item a while back, where they used the captured carbon, to enrich the air in massive greenhouses, which boosts plant growth.

I do wonder how it will be contained underground, surely it would percolate back up. You could end up with valleys filled with CO2.
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  laurie53 07:09 02 Feb 09

Well of course if there hadn't been so much fuss made a few years ago about sealing the holes in the ozone layer it could all have escaped into outer space!

  €dstowe 07:37 02 Feb 09

On the Sussex (and Kent) coast, not far from where I live, are loads of farms dedicated to the production of salad vegetables under glass, or more commonly now, polythene sheeting. These greenhouses nearly all have an LPG burners in them not just to produce heat but to provide carbon dioxide to encourage plant nourishment and growth.

A lot of them are also equipped with high power lights to imitate sunlight - more additions to the problem.

  Brumas 09:19 02 Feb 09

I was born and bred in Hull, so consider myself a true Yorkshireman, yet in all my time I never heard that expression uttered by any Yorkshire native I met! We always said, and still do
"Where there's Muck there's money"

  oresome 10:29 02 Feb 09

Didn't you lot jump ship and go into Humberside at one time? I don't thing the marriage lasted.

  Brumas 20:41 02 Feb 09

Wash your mouth out ;o) Humberside is a swear word in our house.

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