Where America leads...The UK follows?

  Chronos the 2nd 25 Jun 13

Whilst house sitting recently I was stuck with little to do than watch TV and I was shocked by the many American TV import programs that positively encourage over eating and even obesity.

You have for instance Man vs Food, Guys Big Bite, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Then there are the comedies, According to Jim and Everybody loves Raymond to name but two. The first three titles usually involve incredibly large portions of food which seem to be the norm in so many eateries in the US. The comedies have constant references to food and the mainly over-weight male members of the cast always seem to be eating or mention food in every other sentence, even though the overall theme of the comedy has nothing to do with food.

But on the plus side it seems that all young beautiful women in America are drawn towards over-weight/obese men as these men always seem to have women falling over themselves to get to know them.

  spuds 25 Jun 13

I use to watch and still occasionally do watch most of these american food programmes, and I could never understand how the presenter's of the programmes had to force large junks of food into their mouths (usually with fat dripping?), then come up with the usual phrase of how good the food was, especially if that food was full of very hot spices and herbs.

But going to the other extreme, seeing some of the dishes prepared by the likes of Gordon Ramsay et al. I would be asking for extra portions or a refund, or looking for the nearest takeaway.

  johndrew 25 Jun 13

Perhaps the Americans truly believe 'bigger is better'. And just like the obese patient with a heart condition, overweight business makes a loud thump when it finally succumbs.

I am also aware that in some places (the far east?) it was always the ambition to marry a daughter to a 'large' man as he would have enough largesse to keep the whole family.

Strange what people put on TV for others to watch in this health conscious(?) society though.


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