When is spam not spam?

  jack 10:45 07 Oct 09

Perhaps a very fine line here
A current discussus in Digital is covering HD reception.

A contributer mentioned they they use product xxxx and give a click here, as we all do from time to time.
A later post also gave a couple of clickhere's but this time turned out to be a vendor with just the product being inquired of.
This is deemed spam.
It seems to me a vendor could also be signed up to our forums - As I am sure most of the big ones are-with an alias simply to watch their own performance,but if one or another come on to indicate they have the answer this is deemed spam.
This opposed to a manufacturer coming on with blatant promotion as sometimes happens from the computer product factory 10,000 miles across the ocean.
Seems things could have a very fuzzy border.

  wiz-king 11:02 07 Oct 09

When someone is a resurrection man and re-opens posts from 2 years ago then it's spam, especially when it happens to several posts and they are just a few minutes apart.

  interzone55 12:49 07 Oct 09

Maybe we need a law like this one

click here

  wiz-king 13:14 07 Oct 09

I must be blogging in the wrong place! No one has ever offered me anything to endorse a product, my total 'earnings' from the blog (at R0.1 pre read) has been R220 in over 4 years. I wont get rich on that.

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