when is petrol tank full on my car

  polish 21:00 11 Aug 07

sorry not pc related or if in wrong place just wondered when my petrol tank is full is it when to the top of filler neck?

  Pamy 21:13 11 Aug 07

Tongue in cheek. Check manual for how many ltrs.it holds.

run car untill splutters to a halt.

Push car to petrol station.

Put in amount said by manual.

Check with dipstick or by eye

  polish 21:21 11 Aug 07

thanks for quick replies although dont fancy pushing car

  Stuartli 21:51 11 Aug 07

Check with dipstick?

You shouldn't overfill a petrol tank - room is needed for expansion as well as to prevent petrol spilling out over the bodywork and, very likely, the tyre nearest the filler neck.

The latter scenario can cause problems as some early Mini owners will testify...:-)

  wallbash 21:58 11 Aug 07

My first car ( Reliant regal or was it the rebel??)
was an aluminum convertible which never? came with a
petrol gauge , and yes I did use a 'dip stick'.

  Stuartli 22:10 11 Aug 07

Re the Reliant - there was a Regent (1950 onwards), followed by a Prince Regent and then the Regal.

Most people, however, are more familiar with the Reliant Robin version.

  wallbash 22:19 11 Aug 07

memories ( and some google searching)!
It was 1954 Mark 1 Regal. Bought for the sum of £3, six shillings and eight pence.
I drove it when I was 16 ( leagally) and am going quite misty eyed thinking of it!
But am going O/T.

  Stuartli 22:29 11 Aug 07

No doubt the eight pence proved important to the seller at the time...:-)

  namtas 22:31 11 Aug 07

It is full when the automatic valve in the fuel pump dispenser senses that the tank is full and shuts of the delivery.

  wallbash 22:38 11 Aug 07

Guess how much the Road Fund tax was for a Regal in 1969?

  dan* 22:55 11 Aug 07

Two pounds ten shillings?

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