When electrical gizmos go poof, or do they?

  Diemmess 18:04 08 Jul 09

A thread running in Helproom about whether or no to switch off a router when not in use, has a suggestion that the whole thing could start a fire.

I doubt it, because these days elecrical safety and solid state technology usually ensure that the end is so non-spectacular that many sufferers are not even sure which gadget is heading for the bin.

In the early '50s things were more obvious.
A home built Premier Radio AC/DC mains bedside radio, fried its selenium rectifier and there's no way to describe the stench and how long it persisted (a suggestion of putrid burned fish)!

On a more urgent scale I was driving an old Austin Chummy while doing Nat. Service.
Corrosion had made the battery box (under the passenger seat) useless and the battery was on the back seat foot well.

I smelled burning and had to ask the passenger to get out as the car was on fire. The cable had become trapped and was on fire its whole length.

Once the passenger had got out the fire went out, but he didn't want to resume the journey with me! Ungrateful!

  Quickbeam 18:26 08 Jul 09

"I smelled burning and had to ask the passenger to get out as the car was on fire."

He had to be asked to get out of an on fire car?

  Toneman 19:00 08 Jul 09

Premier Radio? that brings back memories, didn't they supply bits and pieces to build your own? Perhaps it was the line-cord going up...

  wiz-king 19:16 08 Jul 09

I made the mistake of shortening the flex on a radio that had a line cord - valves went bright then it didn't work anymore. Ooops

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