When do you go to bed?

  simonjary 15:59 21 Aug 08

The average British adult doesn't get into bed until 11.04pm on a weeknight - more than 15 minutes later than this time last year.

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Personally, with a two-year-old child I try to get as much sleep as possible!

  wiz-king 16:22 21 Aug 08

Most nights by 9.30, but I do get up at 4 in the morning!

  wolfie3000 16:32 21 Aug 08

Usually around 7 or 8AM,

i think i have a gaming addiction lol.

  GRIDD 16:43 21 Aug 08

Between 11pm and 2am.

  GRIDD 16:48 21 Aug 08

I get up between 7 and 9.

Just reading your link..... I'm one of the ones who fall asleep on the sofa and it's also happened on the bus several times. Even once at the Hair Dressers' when the wife was having her hair done - I slid of the chair and landed on my ass.

  €dstowe 16:54 21 Aug 08

About 10-30. Usually woken by the dog scratching on the bedroom door at about 5-00 am wanting to go outside.

  Jak_1 16:56 21 Aug 08

1-30 am ish!

  interzone55 17:09 21 Aug 08

I usually go to be between 10:30 & 11, but I'm up every day by 7am, any later and the cats start to bite my toes.

  jack 17:45 21 Aug 08

10.30/45 - read- till 11.15 or find my eyes have not moved off a line- then lights out.
Up 6/6.30- brekka then off to the gym by 7.30 on gym days

  Noels 18:02 21 Aug 08

About 10pm and I always promise myself that I will read a chapter or listen to the news headlines or do both. Unfortunately I nearly always fall asleep then wake again about midnight thinking its time to get up. (which is usually 6am) even though retired I still keep up the habits of a liftime. I'm not overlooked so sleep with the curtains open and if awake like to watch the stars go round. The only thing that really keeps me awake is the full moon.
Regards to all.

  gardener 18:43 21 Aug 08

Ask this question to a shift worker and the answer could be at anytime of the day or night. I used to be permanently knackered when on nights or early mornings. The only shift where I had a 'normal' sleep was after working the afternoon shift.
Thankfully I'm retired now and can go to bed and get up when I want (within reason).

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