When can I buy road tax?

  WhiteTruckMan 13:35 20 Nov 10

Today I went and sold the spare car that was sat doing nothing on the drive. It was for teaching the kids to drive, and was insured appropriately for that purpose. However, they have now passed their tests, are in university and I am not 'fronting' for them. They cant afford to insure it so I went and sold it to a friend who needed cheap transport. It's currently SORNed. and parked down the bottom of my drive (off road) with mot but no insurance. He's going to get insurance and take the car away in december as he doesnt want to pay tax for most of a month that has already gone. But when can tax be purchased from the post office, bearing in mind theres none on it right now. I know it cant be used on the road until the new tax comes into effect (dec 1st) but when will the post office sell it?

I normally do it online, so I've no idea what rules the post office apply these days.


  sunnystaines 13:38 20 Nov 10

used to be 14 days in advance not sure if its changed

  WhiteTruckMan 13:49 20 Nov 10

Thats what I thought, but its been a while.


  bremner 13:49 20 Nov 10
  jakimo 13:52 20 Nov 10

the first thing to do is complete a
'change of ownership form.'

  birdface 14:02 20 Nov 10

Make sure the MOT is up to date.
I will go with the rest usually a fortnight.
Not sure if he can still pay the tax early as he will be the new registered owner and may have problems if the old tax disc has run out.

  Quickbeam 14:09 20 Nov 10

I don't think that you can tax it prior to the month beginning if it's not already covered by a tax period. But they'll soon let you know quite publicly when you get to the front of the post office queue;)

  bremner 14:11 20 Nov 10

"If your vehicle has been untaxed, because you’ve just bought it, the tax disc has run out or a SORN is in force, you can tax from the first day of the month in which you apply"

  WhiteTruckMan 14:27 20 Nov 10

2 weeks ago, so its a full mot.

Ownership of the vehicle will not be transferred until its been paid for (at the end of the month). Until then it remains my property.

Also, I know it *can* be taxed from the first day of the month in which it is applied for, but thats missing the point, which is when is the earliest that a tax disc for the following month can be applied for, bearing in mind a current sorn?


  bremner 14:30 20 Nov 10

The next paragraph says

"If you want the tax disc to start on the first day of the next calendar month, you cannot tax your vehicle more than two days in advance."

  Forum Editor 15:26 20 Nov 10

the vehicle remains SORNed until the tax period starts.

Make sure you tell DVLA about the change of ownership - you're liable for the tax until you do.

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