Whatsdiffernt about this Then?

  jack 14:43 24 Aug 06

I one will have to try it to find out I guess.

You will have noticed I am sure there are out there a mass of programs the do what Windoze all ready can do.
Uninstall programs - one such but lots for of course
The Mozilla suite for example[To which I am a full convert I must admit]
But some times one comes across something, which leads me to wonder 'what so special about that ?'
October PCA carries one such ad.
AutoMagic CD-R
The world's first burning CD-R- runs the blurb.

If you are running XP- then burning could not be easier
[assuming the machine is fitted with burner' drive that is]
Drag the files to the drive icon and the routine runs
or click on the line in the side bar - ditto
So whats so special about this?
April was 4 months ago after all.

  DieSse 17:32 24 Aug 06

If you read the description on their product page - you'll find out what's different. click here

Because you didn't complete the sentance "The world's first burning CD-R....." - you omitted what was different.

I don't know if it's great - but it IS different.

  jack 20:06 24 Aug 06

Thanks Die Sie
This would seem to suggest each disk is preburned with its own routine- what do you think
This is possibly why then each disk offers 630MB of space instead of typically 700 or so.

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