Whats your home page & why?

  sunny staines 11:40 29 Oct 06

Mine used to be google till I the release of google deskbar.but I now have windows live so I get get all the news headlines in one page.
With our mix of readers we may have some good choice's coming in.

  Cymro. 11:44 29 Oct 06

I have Google on IE and Google comes with FireFox anyway.
But would welcome any suggestions and the reasons for changing.

  lisa02 11:49 29 Oct 06

Tiscali homepage because I can't get rid of it.

I love the new search feature in IE7. Live Image search is fantastic.

  ed-0 11:50 29 Oct 06

IE 7. Just yahoo. Boring and predictable :-(

I might change it to google as I use that more than any other.

  ed-0 11:51 29 Oct 06

" Tiscali homepage because I can't get rid of it."

Why not? I am with tiscali and can pick anyone I choose.

  lisa02 12:00 29 Oct 06

Everytime I change it the thing changes back.

  Jak_1 12:03 29 Oct 06

Have mine set as blank, that way i loads quicker and I can go direct to where I want to go without having to wait for a slow loading isp page to load.

  ed-0 12:06 29 Oct 06

I don't want to highjack sunny staines thread.

How did you do it.

Tools > internet options > home page > use current > apply?

You could always start a new thread if you really would like to change it;-)

  lisa02 12:09 29 Oct 06

Don't bother me now especially as I like the live search feature in IE7, just started using it (IE7) this week . Sorry Sunny Staines.

  Forum Editor 12:09 29 Oct 06


Because it's the best news source in the world, bar none.

  rdave13 12:15 29 Oct 06

Just created a home network yesterday, one pc is an old Time machine and the home page for Time is again up and running lol.

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