What's your favourite time-wasting website?

  David Price 21 Apr 11

We're looking for recommendations of 'time-wasting' websites - where do you go on the web to kill a bit of time? Which sites suck up your time, and which ones are most fun, without really being useful?

We'll print the top 10 sites in PC Advisor, along with the names of their recommenders. Have fun searching!

David Price PCA

  Brumas 21 Apr 11

link here link text

I am not a ‘hardcore’ gamer, so I find this gives enough variety without boring me.

  Brumas 21 Apr 11

I forgot to add that even I can manage these games and yes, it does waste time in between fielding Friday night’s guesses ;o}

  buteman 21 Apr 11

Solitaire + Poker. Always try both when bored.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21 Apr 11
  wolfie3000 21 Apr 11

Usually if im bored I hop on over to Rooster teeths RedVsBlue site.


Its one of the Internets funniest series.

  Starfox 21 Apr 11


SCRABBLE™ ZING is my favourite, must have wasted hours and hours playing it.

  buteman 21 Apr 11

Ah well almost forgot. Friday nights would not be the same without Brumas's Identification Longshot on PCA Speakers corner. So add that to my collection.

  morddwyd 21 Apr 11

At the moment, this one!

  Condom 21 Apr 11

morddwyd I'm with you, then a few games of Spider Solitaire before retiring

  woodchip 21 Apr 11

PCA Reason is I have lots of time on my hands at 75


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