whats spiny, flat and has yellow line on its back

  Seth Haniel 14:00 12 Aug 10

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A RESIDENT was left stunned after council workmen painted yellow lines over a dead hedgehog instead of moving it off the road.

  spuds 14:19 12 Aug 10

Health and Safety, or perhaps plain laziness and stupidity. Welcome to the 21st century!.

Bit like putting new yellow lines round a stationary car, then fining the driver for being there and breaking the regulations.

  interzone55 16:20 12 Aug 10

Even better.

In Manchester they lift the car, paint the lines then plonk the car down again.

Up until recently enterprising traffic wardens then followed behind and ticketed the vehicles. They've now been told to stop this frankly criminal practice

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  rawprawn 17:13 12 Aug 10

A very prickly problem, but a colourful answer.
We used to have lots of hedgehogs, now they seem rare. Perhaps they have all been painted and are hiding in no parking zones.

  sunnystaines 18:40 12 Aug 10

means not parking on dead hedgehogs during restricted hours.

  Forum Editor 19:03 12 Aug 10

give them the barest hint of any training, turn them loose on the world, and this is what you'll get.

We have become a nation of 'it's not my job to do that' people, and the sooner we wake from our idle torpor and realise that life can actually taste far better when you combine hard work with a touch of altruism the better our country will be.

  morddwyd 20:32 12 Aug 10

"hard work"

I thought bad language was against forum rules?

  rdave13 20:49 12 Aug 10

The trouble is they're not stupid but truly lazy. We get them in the place I work and I'm amazed at the effort they produce to create the 'stupid' image. Anything to not do a hard day's graft.
They seem quite relieved to go back to unemployment.

  robgf 20:51 12 Aug 10

Everyone assumes the line painter ran over a stationary hedgehog.
Perhaps the hedgehog was suicidal and threw itself under the line painting machine.

  sunnystaines 22:25 12 Aug 10

ITS society the schools turn out a large percentage of divvy kids at 16 who are poor at reading/writing/ logic. but its not just the schools to blame their parents are often as thick as... too. the learning culture for young people these days is dreadful unless they are lucky enough to go to a good school. They then move on to dead end jobs and cannot think for themselves and end up doing stupid things like this .

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