Whats with AOL these days?

  wolfie3000 07:18 28 Sep 06

Anyone notice that there popups like when youve just sent an e-mail or on the signing out popup there seems to be alot of adverts on them now,

How for will this go? Will even my aol icon on my desktop have an advert on it soon?

  superhoops 07:24 28 Sep 06

That was the main reason I got rid of AOL recently. All the adverts and popups were doing my head in.

  wolfie3000 07:25 28 Sep 06

Heres what i mean.

click here

click here

  rdave13 11:27 28 Sep 06

Maybe we won't have long to worry about it if AOL uk is sold off.

  wolfie3000 12:10 28 Sep 06

Didnt know they were being sold off,
Hopefully the new company that buy them sort out this adverts thing as its one of my pet hates grrrrrrr!!!!!

  Kate B 12:27 28 Sep 06

Ditch AOL and use Firefox with its various adblocking extensions. I never see an ad. It's wonderful.

  patsyanne 12:46 28 Sep 06

wolfie3000, I am getting the same as you,and yesterday when i clicked off a pop up another 1 was underneath it ! Way too many now, i even have "block pop ups" ticked .

  CurlyWhirly 12:59 28 Sep 06

I'm no longer with AOL but when I stopped using their browser and used Firefox instead, I no longer saw any adverts (as has already been mentioned).

  SB23 13:41 28 Sep 06

I'm afraid that I'm the same as fourm member, in that I only see what I want to see, and the adverts / popups don't bother me at all, and I still like Aol.


  wolfie3000 13:57 28 Sep 06

Dont get me wrong i like AOL,s browser but they do take liberties with the adverts.

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