What was your first thread ?? Or strangest ??

  Kat440 19:48 05 Apr 07

Do not know how long this site has been going?

But was just wondering if people remember the first time they used this site and what was there first query they asked other people to help them with.

Or what is the strangest question that you have seen asked(if anything can be strange when it comes to PC's)!!


  VoG II 19:53 05 Apr 07

My first query was regarding Favorites in Outlook 2000 - they didn't work.

I had a reply from 'china' - now known as the Forum Editor.

However, I never did get the Favorites in Outlook to work.

  powerless 20:12 05 Apr 07

Norton AV on Windows 98.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:17 05 Apr 07

Can't remember the thread but it was about 4 years ago by one of the more *ahem* eccentric *ahem* members and it concluded with myself and China (as he was then) offering to kneel down and disembowel ourselves with samurai swords.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:18 05 Apr 07

ps...that was the strangest as were all the members' posts. /note to self.... Must try to remember his name


  Kat440 00:50 06 Apr 07

Nice to know that the FE had a user name!

all be it (china).

Why was that FE ?

  Forum Editor 10:30 06 Apr 07

It was because at about the time the forum first saw the light of day (we're in our seventh year of life now, by the way) I had just started travelling regularly to China to work for some Hong Kong clients who had business interests in Beijing and Shanghai. The country made a big impression on me at the time, so the name came naturally.

The travelling continues to this day, but about six years ago the magazine invited me to take on the job of editing the forum, so my name changed as it were. Long-serving forum members like VoG™ and GANDALF <|:-)> remember me as china.

  Bingalau 10:51 06 Apr 07

Not Cockney rhyming slang then? "Me old China"

  Forum Editor 11:18 06 Apr 07


  Chris the Ancient 12:23 06 Apr 07

Where's time gone?

I also remember you as 'China'... but I hadn't realised that it was that long ago!!

Then, I suppose, as one gets older, time does pass quicker. :o((

  rodriguez 12:28 06 Apr 07

This was the first thread I posted in - click here. I think it was the same day I joined as well, I can't remember but I'm sure the FE will know. :-D

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