What tree is this?

  anchor 13:59 09 May 10

A friend has sent me a couple of pictures of a tree in his garden. He asked if I know what tree it is. He described the leaves as silvery green.

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My knowledge of trees is almost zero, so I wondered if there is a tree expert on the forum who might know.

(Apologies for the rather poor quality of the pictures).

  Forum Editor 14:19 09 May 10

a whitebeam.

If it is, it will have white flowers on it this month, and red berries in autumn.

  anchor 14:44 09 May 10

FE: thanks for your reply; I have e-mailed my friend to ask him if it has flowers and berries.

  peter99co 15:55 09 May 10

seems to confirm that.

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  zzzz999 18:07 09 May 10

bloody el FE you must have binocular vision

  Forum Editor 18:15 09 May 10

All humans have binocular vision.

  anchor 09:11 10 May 10

Just heard back from my friend.

The tree does have spring blossom, but NO red berries in the autumn. This probably rules out a Whitebeam.

  jack 09:33 10 May 10

Forum Editor

Sun, [email protected]:15


All humans have binocular vision.

  jack 09:35 10 May 10

Forum Editor

Sun, [email protected]:15


All humans have binocular vision.

Gordon Brown
Nick Griffin

To name but Three

  Seth Haniel 09:54 10 May 10
  shellship 11:24 10 May 10

Definitely a whitebeam (Sorbus Aria). I have two in my garden and they certainly have small flowers in the Spring but small berries only occasionally in the Autumn.

FE is right again!

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