What a Saddo!

  morddwyd 15:18 26 Feb 11

Me that is.

Came out of the shower and looked for some clean pyjamas.

Had a choice and thought, "They'll do, they're comfortable."

And as I closed the drawer I further thought "You have favourite pyjamas? What a sad old git you are"!

  lotvic 15:20 26 Feb 11

I still miss my old dressing gown..... the new one is not half as good :(

  muddypaws 15:50 26 Feb 11

Don't start me on slippers!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:50 26 Feb 11

"They'll do, they're comfortable."

forget fashion when you get to our age comfort is what matters.

Kids moan at me because I wear the same old stuff instead of what they bought me for Christmas (FE will probably strike this post for using the C word before December)and birthdays.

I've told them its to do with the "pyramid" system.

pick it off the top of the pile, wear it, wash it drop it back on top of the pile ....


  Bapou 15:54 26 Feb 11

"You are not seriously thinking of going out with me wearing that old jacket again are you?"

Ring any bells?

  spuds 15:56 26 Feb 11

Pyjamas at 15.18hrs on a Saturday?.

You haven't been out on the town all night, and this morning. Have you?.

  rawprawn 16:29 26 Feb 11

I have favourite trousers, moleskin, warm, comfortable, and worn out.
My wife keeps hiding them

  BT 17:24 26 Feb 11

Old Joggers and a Sweatshirt around the house for me.

Pyjamas - don't use them! Its a nightshirt for me, much more comfortable and less inclined to get tangled around your 'bits'!

  OTT_B 18:23 26 Feb 11

"Old Joggers and a Sweatshirt around the house for me."


  Big L 266 19:15 26 Feb 11


morddwyd....You in jim-jams with bunny slippers and a long white pointed hat with a bell on the top and holding a candle as you creak up the stairs to bed. If its any consolation, the only thing I wear in bed is a smile. Bet thats put you off your cucumber sarnies!

I miss my old teddy bear called 'Growler'.

Big L 266

  jakimo 01:43 27 Feb 11

Perhaps its time you did the test!

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