What a really heavy right foot could cost you

  TopCat® 08 Feb 13

if you smash up a McLaren F1 supercar that is. Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) will find his premiums soaring after a UK record payout by his insurers. story here

As far as I'm concerned, I think he's very lucky to get offered car insurance again on this vehicle after two crashes in this powerful car. What say you? TC.

  SillBill 08 Feb 13

If his insurers are stupid enough to cover him again, even for £60,000 p.a. and even with a compulsory excess of 50% of the car's value, it's no wonder our insurance cover is spiralling ever upwards.

  Quickbeam 08 Feb 13

Maybe it's the left foot that's to blame.

  Aitchbee 08 Feb 13

I remember an old TV advert, in which Rowan managed to get blood out of a stone.

  Quickbeam 08 Feb 13

Was he using his left or right foot to kick the stone?

  Aitchbee 08 Feb 13

I think he used 'auto' suggestion ...

  fourm member 08 Feb 13


Those numbers you're quoting are just an 'expert' opinion obtained by the Mail.

Actually, there's nothing in the story to say he has found someone to insure it at all.

  SillBill 08 Feb 13

Well if he's off the road, we can all feel safer!

  rdave13 08 Feb 13

The car was worth £3m, was fully insured, and cost £910,000 to repair. Why the insurance company would take "nearly eight months" to consider the claim is beyond me. I'm sure Mr Atkinson was already paying a hefty premium anyway. He might be better off looking for another insurance company.

  WhiteTruckMan 08 Feb 13

Too much car, too little driver.

Sadly an all too common phenomena on the roads.


  SillBill 08 Feb 13


He didn't pay anywhere near £3m for it and it was probably insured for about £600,000 so he was jolly lucky that they didn't just write it off and give him a cheque for half the insured value, but then, of course, he could well afford to pay for the repairs himself, couldn't he?


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