What program would you take with you.

  birdface 10:22 09 Oct 06

Hi,If you were starting all over again ,with a new computer,Which 1 program would you take with you from your old computer,I have thought about it,And the 1 program I would take is Spyware Doctor,Whenever I have had any problem's ,Just running this program, you knew that it would find anything that was not supposed to be there,What would you take with you,And why.

  TOPCAT® 12:41 09 Oct 06

that need to be installed on a new computer before ever going online - a very good firewall, with XPs own firewall disabled, a good antivirus and antispyware programme. In my case it would be ZoneAlarm Pro (or the free edition), AVG Pro (or again the free edition) and Counterspy. All are extremely efficient and reliable and do a fine job in protecting any computer, provided, of course, that they are regularly updated. TC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:53 09 Oct 06


  robgf 12:54 09 Oct 06


  birdface 12:57 09 Oct 06

Hi Topcat,Thanks for your input, But if you are only allowed 1.What 1.I hope that we get a few reply's. This way I or We can find out all the good programs out there,So that maybe, we can find a few that would help us run our computers with that bit of extra safety,I do run other program's, But S/Doctor has alway's been my favourite.

  birdface 13:01 09 Oct 06

hi Fruit bat+Robgf,Have never tried Firefox or Opera,Something for me to try later, Thank's

  anskyber 13:51 09 Oct 06

Zip Genius. It does all the compression things......for free click here

  sean-278262 14:44 09 Oct 06

Hmm good question. Quite a hard one to answer. I would be tempted to say Firefox. However no mention was made if there was an OS installed on the new PC if not it would have to be XP. I dislike Vista, and dont have much to say about XP either, has to look like the old 95/98 versions for me as it is much cleaner and tidier and less girly if I do say.

If there was a choice in the new system ditch it all and get a Mac. So much more for your money these days.

  def90csw 14:45 09 Oct 06

After Anti-Virus & Firewall it would have to be the best find of 2006...................Firefox!

  wolfie3000 14:48 09 Oct 06

Halo with out a doubt,
But after that i guess MSN messenger.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:02 09 Oct 06


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