What money can buy

  TopCat® 23:01 23 Jan 08

if you've got plenty of it, of course. $200,000 for a trip into space; very nice for the view and the experience of weightlessness, but I can think of better things to do with a spare 200k. TC. click here

'Virgin Galactic says more than 200 individuals have booked, and another 85,000 have registered an interest to fly. Tens of millions of dollars in deposits have already been taken, the company adds....'

  Kemistri 23:31 23 Jan 08

I can live without it.

  Stuartli 23:34 23 Jan 08

Perhaps they were spaced out when they decided to book?

Mind you one bloke paid millions to fly into space on a Russian mission a year or so ago.

  Kemistri 23:38 23 Jan 08

I bet he didn't even get complimentary peanuts.

  Kev.Ifty 23:42 23 Jan 08

My math ain't that good but 85,000 people spending $200,000 is 170 billion dollars ish. Thats probably an English billion or so.

There are supposed to be between 8 and 13 million people dieing of starvation each year. So can someone better at maths than me tell me is that 8 or 13 grand per dead staving person or should I go back to school?

Cheers Kev

  Forum Editor 23:43 23 Jan 08

does it for me - I have no desire to spend $200,000 to go into sub-orbital space so I can look back at our planet.

"85,000 have registered an interest to fly"

That does not mean they have paid the $200,000 price tag.

  Monoux 06:58 24 Jan 08

Lets hope that the Virgin Spaceship works better than virgin non cable broadband or they'll only get to 1000 ft

  interzone55 09:27 24 Jan 08

Virgin has nothing to do with Cable beyond the fact the NTL bought the name.

The Virgin Galactic spaceplane is being built by some very clever rocket scientists.

I think that should highlight the differences between the products.

On the subject of diverting the money to starving children. The sort of person willing to splash $200,000 on a 20 minute sub-orbital space-flight is probably too selfish to think of anyone but themselves.

  laurie53 09:37 24 Jan 08

"Virgin has nothing to do with Cable beyond the fact the NTL bought the name."

I always think it's a bit short sighted letting a new owner keep the name a company is associated with.

No matter who owns it Richard Branson will always be associated with Virgin, and when anything goes wrong he will get the blame.

  interzone55 10:08 24 Jan 08

Very true.

Mr Branson has about 200 companies with the Virgin name, and a similar similar number that he's already sold on. Many of the old companies have kept the Virgin name for marketing reasons, but a lot have changed the name.
An example is the Virgin Megastores, which are now called Zavvi

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