What is the main way you listen to music?

  PC Advisor 14:34 01 Dec 11
  Pine Man 14:35 01 Dec 11

BBC Radio at home or in the car.

  Pine Man 14:36 01 Dec 11

Should read BBC Radio 2

  Aitchbee 14:43 01 Dec 11

Most of my music collection is in my head...it's for personal use only.

  Aitchbee 14:48 01 Dec 11

...forgot to add, the pub jukeboxes have become much more sophisticated.

It's good to hear some of the oldies, thru' a modern jukebox sound system, and sharing the experience with others.

  gengiscant 14:53 01 Dec 11

Ipod Touch.

  gengiscant 14:54 01 Dec 11

Why on earth is MP3 player not listed?

  interzone55 15:00 01 Dec 11


I'd assume they thought MP3 player is covered by "purchased downloads", but there's not a single purchased download on my MP3 player, everything has been ripped from my CDs and vinyl.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:10 01 Dec 11

Mp3 CD in the car

Make them up from my extensive collection.

  anskyber 15:12 01 Dec 11

iPhone with a mixture of purchased downloads and own CD collection. All of which have replaced my hi fi systems.

  bjh 15:19 01 Dec 11

It's a difficult one to answer, as several of the categories overlap... which is probably indicative of the turmoil the music industry finds itself in.

I voted "music streaming services", as I stream my own music collection, and use Spotify, LastFM and Pandora (an advantage of US-based work servers). I probably listen to most of it through an internet radio, either stand-alone, or as part of a hi-fi setup.... so that's radio covered as well. Most of my music exists as physical CDs before I digitise it (or I buy a digital download as well, which I do for about half the CDs I own). Then I buy some digital downloads that aren't easily available in the UK (but admittedly fewer). I don't use video players for music, so that's a "no". Working out which is the main way has given me a headache. Time for some music. Reciva radio on at the moment, listening to ERT Trito at themo.


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