What job would you most like to have

  MrNerdy 17:37 30 Apr 07

Following on from a previous thread what job would you most like to do & why.

  anskyber 17:40 30 Apr 07

BBC corespondent.

I think the best of journalism is as good as it gets in terms of integrity and accuracy. Not always seen on the BBC but it is frequently.

  octal 17:44 30 Apr 07

This might surprise you, but it's the job I've got at the moment. I've worked there for 16 years and love it. It can be very frustrating at times, but the bad are out numbered by the good, plus it makes me feel I'm putting something back into our local community. Now this is the surprise, it's our local hospital.

  Kate B 17:50 30 Apr 07

I like what I do, though I'd like either to be technology editor, travel editor or books editor of a national. Or just Very Rich Person would do nicely.

  Forum Editor 17:53 30 Apr 07

but if I started my working life all over again I would go into forestry/land management. I know someone who works in forests, and he's the calmest, happiest man I've ever met.

The grass is always greener, though. He thinks my job is exciting, but that's because he doesn't do it.

  MrNerdy 18:04 30 Apr 07

Well i did have the nicest job going once.
Sadly after 3 years at Agricultural College & a handful of certificates in both ND & NC in Forestry & Countryside Management, Chainsaw & Chemical Spraying & with 6 years experience prior to going to College i found i could not live on the wage i was earning.

It was a great job working for the National Trust, i got a lovelly 3 bedroom cottage, i worked with great people, but with no over-time even though the job meant working longer than my 39 hours i sadly left.

If i could go back to it i would & even now i get the odd job offer to go back once or twice a year, but to be honest even though i loved the work the pay was/is very bad.

At least in IT i get a decent wage & i'm payed what the current market value is.

  Kate B 18:11 30 Apr 07

Ah, now if I were starting again I'd love to be a barrister. I like building arguments and I'd love to be rich.

  Jimmy14 18:19 30 Apr 07

I'm not quite that old enough to make career choices but I would like to work in the police force or an accountant.

  montyman 18:20 30 Apr 07

Kate B i loved your last few words"I like building arguments" REALY...lol

  georgemac © 18:22 30 Apr 07

Professional Golfer - obviously would like to be a successful one continuing from the regular to the seniors tour

We can all dream, I definitely don't have the talent to be one.

  Bingalau 18:23 30 Apr 07

Airline Pilot. Film Star like that Travolta fella..

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