What is it that I don't understand about "free"

  pj123 16:36 04 Jul 08

Just been Googling for some "free" Region Free Codes for my domestic DVD Recorder/player.

Most of them start off pretty good, but when you get to the nitty gritty it seems there is a fee to pay (around £20).

This one in particular seemed to be good until I selected my DVD recorder.

They quote: "we have the largest database of FREE dvd codes available on the net."

Unfortunately, it costs £20 to get the "free" code.

click here

  Clapton is God 16:45 04 Jul 08

"What is it that I don't understand about "free""

You didn't understand the pronunciation.

It's not 'free' as in "won't cost you any money".

It's free as in "I'm a Cockney and say one, two, free ..." ;-)

  bstb3 17:08 04 Jul 08

no doubt some legalese about paying for the access to the database of codes, rather than for the codes themselves. The codes are free once you have paid for access, in the sense that you can (probably) get as many as you want from the database.

  ray7 17:27 04 Jul 08

I always thought a 'gift' was free. In that case what is a Free Gift ? Nothing to do with the subject....just thought I'd throw it in !

  spuds 22:13 04 Jul 08

The word 'Free' is a major marketing enticement. If they had put "Its going to cost you", I bet you wouldn't have bothered ;o)

  Stuartli 00:24 05 Jul 08

Many DVD players' manuals detail how to enable the machine for region free use.

You could try a quick Google with the make and model of your player (as you obviously have done), but looking for forums that offer such advice.

  ronalddonald 01:06 05 Jul 08

overheads to pay i guess thats why theres a charge of some kind.

  Kev.Ifty 01:33 05 Jul 08


Tis good.

  jack 09:19 05 Jul 08

You can purchase disks of Freeware or Shareware
but you are paying for the 'Disk and distribution' not the content. - They said

  DieSse 15:52 05 Jul 08

You need to understand there are two meanings of the word free.

Free - costs nothing (as in free beer)

Free - no restrictions (as in free speech)

Region code free means free of region code restrictions - not that you can (necessarily) get the unlocking code for nothing.

  DieSse 15:58 05 Jul 08

And they don't say that all their codes are free - simply that they have the largest range of free codes.

The way to unlock my ebench player actually is free (as in beer).

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