What is it about "NO" that .....

  TonyV 12:29 20 Jun 08

the EU and other various governments, including ours, do not understand? The Irish have voted on the Lisbon Treaty and have decided "NO" is the result. Therefore, according to the so called rules in place the Treaty is now dead in the water. Unless of course, the Irish can be persuaded to have another vote until such time as the answer comes up that satisfies the EU. It rings of Zimbabwe where a vote has been taken, a result given, but it was the wrong result, so lets have another vote! and see if the right result can come up then.

May be when the UK has an election, if the result is not what is required, does the losing Party say, "This is not right, lets have another election."

Am I missing something here?

  tullie 12:34 20 Jun 08

Couldent agree more.

  Cymro. 12:42 20 Jun 08

It shows the danger of trying to run a country by referendum, something I am very much against. Politicians are put in place to govern the country they should get on and do so. If we think they have got things wrong we can get them out at a general election.

There is very little history of referendums in the U.K. It seems to me that the only time we have one is when the politicians can`t or will not make up their minds such as when expert opinion differs.

Supporters of democracy like to claim that a referendum is the most democratic but you can have too much of a good thing. Did someone once not say something about the "dictatorship of the majority?" I am sure that someone among you will ckeck up on that for me.

  charmingman 13:24 20 Jun 08

TonyV I am with Tullie i couldnt aggree more, sounds like its childishly unaccepted result therefore asking for another "GO"..if its done its done!!
its simply wrong to ask for a recount i belive ther is a large element of corrution here & i bet you they get a "YES " this time!!!


  TonyV 13:35 20 Jun 08

It certainly does seem strange. Cymro, I understand what you say, but never the less, if a referendum has taken place, then accept the answer. After all, if we wait for Parliament to come up with answers, you will wait an awful long time unless they fall in to the knee-jerk responses that have happened a lot with certain ministers in this particular Government.

I wonder why Gordon Brown has reneged on the Labour Party's assurance that a referendum would take place in the UK. Perhaps he is frightened that it would now be yet another nail in his coffin. His talk of we "listen and learn" is getting a wee bit stale now. It seems there is no listening and certainly no learning!


  beeuuem 13:43 20 Jun 08

"May be when the UK has an election, if the result is not what is required, does the losing Party say, "This is not right, lets have another election.""
NuLabour are watching Zimbabwe very closely to see how that is done.

  TonyV 13:57 20 Jun 08

I like it!!


  jack 14:46 20 Jun 08

Don't understand
It was the answer neither of them wanted.
So now they both try means to turn it their way.
Stick to your guns Ireland.

  TonyV 15:10 20 Jun 08



  birdface 15:30 20 Jun 08

At least Ireland had a chance to vote.Going by the news today we will not get that chance.

  Earthsea 15:38 20 Jun 08

I think one key difference between the EU and Mugabe's regime is that the EU doesn't kill, rape, beat, starve and imprison people to get their way.

No-one knows what the EU's next move will be, but at worst I suspect it'll be an amended version of the Lisbon Treaty. Big deal.

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