What is the file that tries to download

  Jak_1 01:42 08 Nov 07

Quite often when viewing a thread, a popup appears to download a file. I have no idea what the file relates to but nearly clicked on the download by accident. I know that advertising popups are needed to help pay for the site but file downloads that you have not asked for are a different kettle of fish. It also bypasses popup blockers!

  bowman 07:17 08 Nov 07

I get the same popup, it seems, its something to do with the Fujitsu Siemens advert?

I only get it when the advert is visible on the page. (could be wrong)The popup is from Euroclick.com which I think is a advertising agency? Dont know what the file is as I've not clicked on it to find out.

Someone, I guess will know and hopefuly let us know?


  anskyber 08:04 08 Nov 07

euroclick.com who are now click a different company are basically engaged in

" ad platforms that combines behavioural targeting, predictive optimization and quality media, we are able to yield higher revenues for our selected publishers and better results for our selected advertisers"

Or perhaps more simply, tracking people or the frequency of ad reading. Frankly it not a thing I'm going to get excited about although I am disappointed it is used. I suppose if PCA are aware of it's use and perhaps if data collection helps with the survival of this site it's all well and good.

  anskyber 08:05 08 Nov 07

Thread also in Helproom click here

  Weskit 11:06 08 Nov 07

Wondered why I kept getting a "bloo-oop" every so often, now I know. On my old desk-top I get an option to run or save the offered download. Don't think PCA should condone this sort of activity on their web site...

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