what does S.T.A.T mean

  mkennyd 19:18 29 Jul 08

Like me i bet most of you have watched one or more american hospital dramas.
well whats puzzeled me all these years is an expression that just about every doctor makes in these dramas. the word is STAT. for example, "nurse get him to OR STAT", or "inject him with 10cc of adrenilin STAT" the word is always used in a very serious do it now way.
I mean us brits say ASAP.
is STAT an abbreviation of something.
anyone know what i'm asking please tell me.

  Dizzy Bob 19:27 29 Jul 08

Stat is an abbreviation of the latin "Statim" meaning immediately.



  €dstowe 22:02 29 Jul 08

10cc of adrenalin would cause rather prompt death in most people!

  namtas 22:21 29 Jul 08

In which case they would be STAT(ic)

  mkennyd 23:13 29 Jul 08

thanks dizzy bob im havin that

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