what do your sons or daughters call you?

  Ex plorer 13:14 02 Jun 07

Hi so what do your sons or daughters call you.
I have three sons and one daughter.
They are all in there twenties and one is thirty.
My oldest son calls me Sam, my second Son calls Garry Lad, my Daughter calls Garry, or Pops, and my youngest son calls Dad.

  sidecar sid 13:19 02 Jun 07

My oldest seems to think my name is lend us a fiver.

  Jak_1 13:21 02 Jun 07

I don't have any children, that I know of but after 24 years swanning around the world in the Navy then who knows, lol. My nephews and neice call me by my first name.

  hzhzhzhz 13:28 02 Jun 07

plain old Dad. Mind you,when they want something it seems to elongate into Daaaaaaaaad.

  wallbash 13:48 02 Jun 07

That's the truest posting ever hzhzhzhz

  Forum Editor 14:55 02 Jun 07

when my eldest daughter was about four she suddenly started calling us by our Christian names. It didn't worry us in any way, so we said nothing. It went on for about a year, and then without any warning she reverted to Mum and Dad - it happened overnight.

She's thirty now, and hasn't any recollection of it at all.

The others have always stuck to Mum and Dad.

  bordercomp 14:56 02 Jun 07

More importantly what do they call you when your not around, I got three 'new' children with my second marriage all called me dad fron day one, two children out of three from my first marriage call me dad, the third insists on 'old f**t'.


  sunny staines 15:43 02 Jun 07

my daughter of 27 years still uses mum dad.

  190119 15:52 02 Jun 07

*Your majesty* when they want something.

*Oi you* when I want something off them.

  anskyber 15:53 02 Jun 07

Dad, for both daughters. If they consider I need telling off, it's father in a corrective tone.

  pj123 16:43 02 Jun 07

Things are changing. My kids have always called me dad, even though I have said my name is Pete.

A Grandson used to call me Granddad Pete but now has started calling me Pete, which I don't mind.

He is at Uni training to be a Lawyer. At the moment he is on Work Placement with the Crown Prosecution Service. Unfortunately, my Partner is not very happy with that. I need to talk to him.

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