What do you think of this?!?!?!

  DJ Techz 20:04 26 Feb 09

"Fitted with Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium it delivers a smooth hassle free operating system providing you with a better computing experience."

Found on PC Worlds site in a laptop description.

I wonder if they still use XP!

  peter99co 20:10 26 Feb 09

I believe!

  dagbladet 20:14 26 Feb 09

What "?!?!?!"

  Chegs ®™ 23:04 26 Feb 09

I'm assuming you arent aware of the various "flavours" of Windows Vista,my desktop came with Vista Home Premium installed & so did my Laptop.

  Forum Editor 23:49 26 Feb 09

understanding what this is about. What's the point that you're trying to make?

  MaxUpload 10:35 27 Feb 09

Everybody and their grannies have been banging on about Vista ever since it's release and will probably continue well into Windows 7's early years,because that's what human nature is.

Me? I'm one of the 29% of the people who have voted in the current poll who's computers are between 2 and 4 years old and mine are INCOMPATIBLE with all flavours of Vista bar the Basic version.

Do I bang on about Vista? Nah! I can't give an honest opinion having never used it to any great extent.

I'm happy to plod along with XP Pro until every opportunity to keep my three perfectly good laptops working has been exhausted.

  jack 11:22 27 Feb 09

As I deal with my flock's problems
It OK- takes a while to get used to its foibles
but for me I'll stick to XP Pro- all my stuff works with it and I am comfortable with most of it's peculiarities.
Vista has compatibility issues as we all know- and changing could be an expensive business.

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