What do you hear?

  Apron 05:21 01 Nov 06

When I read I hear the text spoken in my head. Lots of different voices. As we know how writers sound now, most books are read in my head by the author. On here FE sounds like Hal. who does he sound like to you?

  egapup 08:15 01 Nov 06

Remember that sketch by Spike Milligan where there's a miserable old vicar sat in a chair and when he shakes his head a cloud of dandruff falls down? thats my picture of FE.....lol

  wee eddie 09:27 01 Nov 06

that motor journalist, Tiff.

Madly enthusiastic and just a trifle cynical!

  anskyber 11:21 01 Nov 06

Lloyd George click here and no, I'm not that old.

  spuds 12:44 01 Nov 06

When I first joined this forum, I always assumed that the FE looked like a typical computer boffin, something like that little fat bloke in Little Britain, spectacles and all. How very wrong I was. More like a rugby player for dear old England or perhaps Wales.

Going back to the original question. 'What do you hear'. Tinnitus mainly :O(

  rodriguez 13:10 01 Nov 06

When I read the voice in my head stays the same - and sounds nothing like my own voice and doesn't have a Black Country accent like I do. It's pretty much the same as how I type.

  namtas 14:47 01 Nov 06

All you people with voices in your head are you sure you are ok?

  alB 18:19 01 Nov 06

Mine's just told me I am !! ...alB

  Jon Storm 18:45 01 Nov 06

It's the ones whispering "kill...kill...kill" you want to watch out for.

  Forum Editor 19:28 01 Nov 06

I'm told I have a "Southern counties" voice,with a touch of Estuary England. Not cut-glass posh, but not typically 'London' either. Those who have a particularly keen ear say they detect a whiff of my Welsh blood in there somewhere too, but I think they're imagining it.

My wife says I sound sexy on the phone, but we won't go there - our private life is our own affair.

As for hearing text in your head, I find that deeply interesting. I don't think I 'hear' anything when I read, but now that you've made me think about it I think I probably do without realising it. I imagine that men read with a male 'voice' in the head, and women hear a female one. Let's see if some of our female members bear that out.

  anskyber 19:34 01 Nov 06

Funnily enough I hear a female voice for the obviously female members.

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