What do you hate he most?

  Legolas 18:55 27 Jul 07

I know hate is a strong word but I hate bullying. I find it one of the most repulsive traits of humankind to single out the weakest or the most vulnerable amongst us and make their lives a misery.

I was only bullied once by two boys when I was at college as a teenager.

I went to the principal right away and it was dealt with. I was threatened that they were "going to get me" nothing ever happened.

Whenever I see a report on the news that some youngster has been hounded to attempt or even commit suicide by relentless bullying it makes me so angry, in fact I get angry even thinking about it.

When I was at school their was one boy who was singled out he spoke with an English accent (I live in Scotland) and his clothes were rather shabby and ill fitting, that was enough to make him a target of the bullies, although I never joined in the bullying I also never done anything to stop it, being 13 and small for my age I was just glad they were leaving me alone.

  Earthsea 19:07 27 Jul 07

I hate oysters.

  rdave13 19:09 27 Jul 07

Sprouts,slugs and sickos.

  Totally-braindead 19:10 27 Jul 07

The list of my hates is probably to long to write here. Bullying would certainly be one of them as would cruelty to animals, stealing, vandalism etc etc. Anything basically that are now classed as anti social behaviour as well.
Also hate rudeness, its a little thing but can lead to bigger things in my opinion.
The Court of Human Rights is perhaps not something I hate but I certainly hate some of the stupid things they come out with, as an example if a prisoner can't vote he or she is entitled to money. The world has gone far too far with some things and this is just one example.
I'm afraid I can't pick one hate above all others as there are too many possabilities.

  Pine Man 19:13 27 Jul 07

Any green vegetables except peas

  Forum Editor 19:14 27 Jul 07

apart from selfishness - it's the single worst scourge of modern society. 'Me first' seems to be the watchword by which many people lead their lives, and it's abhorrent to me.

  Legolas 19:15 27 Jul 07

I just noticed the adverts running down the side bar about bullying never noticed them before I posted or maybe subconsciously I did as I am subconscious most of the time ;-)

  IClaudio 19:19 27 Jul 07

I'm with FE, don't hate anyone.

Do dislike several people and things...

  Kate B 19:23 27 Jul 07

I don't like hate, either - it's the root of so much evil. Mind you, I'd put banana custard pretty close to hate.

  Input Overload 19:27 27 Jul 07

Jealousy, it seems to me to be the root of so many problems today.

  Forum Editor 19:31 27 Jul 07

Yum, yum, can I have yours, then?

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