What do they call you?

  jack 09:06 09 Mar 10

When form filling the first question is inevitably - Title.

Over the years some individuals in the public eye when written or spoken about seems to be address with changing titles.
One case comes to mind is Ian Paisley who over the years has been addressed variously as
Mr, The Rev. Dr.
That is not see say he is not any of those- by why do the media use them all at various times?

A more recent example is Vince Cable[Lib Dem treasury spokesman and champion ballroom dancer]This past week I notice in various news item he has become Dr.Cable
This is not to suggest it is a recent attainment [It may well be] or that he has held the doctorate for many years- but why bring the title in now?

  Brumas 09:16 09 Mar 10

Almost as bad as those sad dinosaurs who sign themselves A.N.Other (Major retd) - just insecurity and plain snobbery.
It is not as though I sign myself A.Brumas L/Cpl retd. ;o}}

  OTT_B 09:40 09 Mar 10

For some there is certainly a degree of snobbery in titles, with a wish to show academic achievements off to all and sundry. But then something like a doctorate is not an easy acheivement. The problems come when someone get work based in academic results but does not work in the same field, or where the qualifications don't mean anything.

I work as an engineer (of sorts). In the recent past I worked with a chap who had every title and letter after his name that you could imagine, however something wasn't ringing true with him. I questioned him on his academic qualifications and it turns out that all of them were issued by a church without any backing from an authorised, notorised or recognised university. Suffice to say he was one of the worst engineers I have ever met.

  jack 10:59 09 Mar 10

But I think it can be said there sometimes appear to be two sorts of intellects-
Those that can absorb information and spout it out at will.
And those that do not take in information at that cerebral level and but are or the 'Can do' type.
A friend- holds several genuine doctorates via
OU- is an 'expert' gardener
But the garden is a tip and the application of other knowledge is minimal- Yet when comes to discussion or debate on the appropriate topics- will wipe the floor with most.

  ronalddonald 13:23 09 Mar 10

his right honourable the great what a title or a tittle to use eh

  spuds 15:36 09 Mar 10

Personally I always use CDM (Cadbury's Dairy Milk)and bar :O))

But returning back to the question perhaps. In South America, many graduate engineers use the title of Dr in front of their names as a every day title, even Jeremy Clarkson hold three honorary doctorates I believe.

With regards to snobbery, perhaps this can be true for some. I know a person who inherited his fathers title of Lord, yet never uses it,especially when he is in the local hostelry with his friend Sir Scrumpy (Rev Jack Russell terrier).

  wiz-king 16:12 09 Mar 10

I know a horse Sir Melly that always live up to his title.

  BT 17:02 09 Mar 10

Regardless of your views, Army Officers with a Rank of Captain and above are permitted to retain their title after leaving the service.

  jack 17:05 09 Mar 10

coming to this screen soon[ 10 minutes or so]

  john bunyan 17:12 09 Mar 10

Those qualified in two doctorates use the title Dr Dr !

  Brumas 17:59 09 Mar 10

Perhaps so, but what is the point?

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