What did you GIVE on Christmas day...?

  Z1100 17:12 25 Dec 06

I feel that is a much better question than 'what did you get.' It is after all a tradition To give but Not Receive.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:31 25 Dec 06

In the true spirit of Christmas...

Not enough.

  €dstowe 22:03 25 Dec 06

Almost nothing yet - going out shopping later in the week.

  Brumas 22:28 25 Dec 06

I was going to try and be flippant and say - 100% as usual - but as I am the chief cook & bottle washer it isn't far from the truth :o)

  lisa02 22:36 25 Dec 06

A lot of effort and Santa got the credit. ;P

  rodriguez 16:48 26 Dec 06

Me and my mates got each other completely useless presents just for a laugh. One's I gave included:

A broken zip drive that I found in the warehouse when I was at work
A key I found that I don't know what it opens
The laser from a CD player, a 2p coin
The list of what bands are on at the pub - up until Christmas Eve
Page 81 and 82 of the Birmingham A-Z road atlas (my mom had a new one because all the pages kept falling out)

One's I recieved included:

Kamahl: A Voice To Remember on vinyl (click here)
Another vinyl in German that I can't remember the name of
2 broken phones (one got smashed when my mate got run over and the other one was my mate's sis's that she dropped in the bath)
A wooden pole
A ring box - it contained a drawing pin, not a ring :-P
An empty aftershave sample
and various other ridiculous things.

  rdave13 17:27 26 Dec 06

Gave the kids nearly all they wanted but they still quarreled ! :(

  Apron 06:42 27 Dec 06

"It is better to give than to receive" indeed it is a lovely feeling, so it is very important to receive with enthusiasm and grace, this makes the giver's day. I always write the thank you letters to children first.

  €dstowe 07:40 27 Dec 06

I noticed on Teletext paper review yesterday that children in Scotland are already putting their new Nintendo whatevers on eBay.

  Apron 08:06 27 Dec 06

€dstowe ( see that - thanks)
That is such a shame, why are they allowed to do that? I have noticed that in the week after Christmas the charity shops are full of new books. I suppose this is the same thing really.
It's all too much isn't it? I am looking at my new great grandaughter, I crept in when she started to cry and brought her down, I had heard her being fed at 6.30, so I knew she wasn't hungry, She has had a drink of water and is now asleep in her little chair. She knows not neither does she care. I am glad I don't know her future, Carpe diem.

  Weskit 10:29 27 Dec 06

No good worrying about our offsprings' future, Neville Shute in one of his books kept saying "It'll be all the same in a hundred years", I wonder,... shall have to come back to find out...

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