What are these things appearing bottom right of my page?

  Graham* 13 Sep 12

t f g+

  Joseph Kerr 13 Sep 12

Just more clutter.

  Al94 13 Sep 12

They're links to social networking sites

  muddypaws 13 Sep 12

And now on FF 14 I have lost all but a yellow 'Forums' heading in the top bar. Practically invisibe on white background.

The other yellow ones appear as you move the mouse along the bar.

One day perhaps..............! all will be ok.

  muddypaws 13 Sep 12


  Condom 13 Sep 12

Well if it is an update , I wish they would "unupdate" it as PCA has been like watching paint dry for the past 12 hours and more.

  HondaMan 13 Sep 12

Hear, hear condom!

Don't like the update one little bit.

  Matt Egan 13 Sep 12

Hi guys. For the record, if you are referring to the site speed, it if is slow it is down to sheer volume of traffic at the minute. It's because of our iPhone 5 coverage.

muddypaws - I'm not sure I understand what you mean about the top nav - any chance you could send a screenshot?

  johndrew 13 Sep 12

I can live with the drop down navigation bar which appears at the top as I scroll down, but the sharing bit at the bottom is annoying; large and can't be closed. Still RIP takes care of it.

  Nontek 13 Sep 12


Sharing bit at bottom can be closed - just click on X at left of that bar, though it does come back on next opening of page!

  Aitchbee 13 Sep 12

If you've got a laptop, an old credit card will cover-up the 'menace' if temporarily placed near the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

You might be able to customize the card with a things-to-do list, for good measure ;o]


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