whale attacks boat.

  SLAYER 19:08 14 Mar 07

Anyone see this.
click here

Seemingly the Japanese fishermen were trying to save the whale.
Excuse me when did saving the whale and Japanese fishermen go together.
Yes I know a fisherman died and that of course is sad.
But......................sorry,begins to rant.

  Monoux 19:13 14 Mar 07

Half time score :- Japanese 4557 Whales 1

  SLAYER 19:15 14 Mar 07

A sad scoreline.Well for the whales anyway.

  Kate B 19:40 14 Mar 07

Brilliant, Monoux!

  Ho-Lin-Sok 20:46 14 Mar 07

Having a whale of a time, must be a relative of Moby Dick.

  laurie53 20:58 14 Mar 07

You're all sick ********s, but I must admit I did smile when I saw what nationality the fishermen were!


  PurplePenny 21:05 14 Mar 07

He *was* trying to save it, as were the people in the other boats. click here

As such I think that it is a cause for sorrow not laughter.

  Monoux 21:18 14 Mar 07

I accept that this was a tragedy for the person killed and his family. However my comments were aimed more at a race of people not exactly renowned for their compassion towards their fellow man ( ask any WW11 POW that survived )let alone other creatures and they are the race that continue to be prolific hunters of whales despite fierce condemnation. It just struck me as ironic that one whale fought back and I couldn't resist the comments

  Forum Editor 22:01 14 Mar 07

but that's not a justification for jokes about a man's violent death, no matter what his nationality.

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