West Bromwich 'Pink Palace'!

  Chas49 18:19 05 Sep 09

Any local to this town visited the new, modern "Pink Museum(?)".

I have just returned from a visit to it and I am completely gob smacked that this building cost such a large amount of money and yet contain nothing of real interest. In my opinion it is a complete and utter waste of millions of pounds - anyone disagree? One visitor likened it to an old fashioned fun fair. The amount of wasted space is unbelievable.

  peter99co 18:31 05 Sep 09
  Chas49 18:55 05 Sep 09

Obviously I'm not alone with my opinion. I definitely will not amongst its visitors in the future -even though it's free - not even if they pay us to attend 8-)

  peter99co 13:08 06 Sep 09

As the author of the report says

Of the works on show in The Public, the majority will be renewed only every three years. Quite how such a strategy will serve to lure visitors back for repeat visits is a mystery.

But don’t let me put you off. You’ve paid for this calamity, so you’d do well to get at least a fraction of your money’s worth. My only advice would be, if you are going, to go soon. It really needs the business and it won’t be there forever.

  peter99co 13:11 06 Sep 09

The Public — a name which surely warrants prosecution under the Trade Descriptions Act — is charging a £6.95 entrance fee and houses… well, what exactly?

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