Well, well, well - what a find!

  TopCat® 30 Aug 12

I think the house name itself offered a good clue, don't you? under floor well

One thing that can be said of this discovery is that they won't ever become short of water from now on, provided they boil every drop of course.

Methinks also it could be a handy way of disposing of obnoxious visitors or family members as well - this option spoken in jest of course! :) TC.

  Forum Editor 30 Aug 12

Handy if you need a bucket of stagnant water on a frosty night, but at an estimated 30 feet deep it's only a baby compared to some wells.

In Woodingdean, a suburb of Brighton and Hove, there's a private hospital with a well in the grounds that is claimed to be the world's deepest hand-dug well. It was dug in the mid 1800's and is 1,285 feet deep. How on earth anyone had the courage to be lowered down that for a morning's digging defies the imagination.

  TopCat® 30 Aug 12

I totally agree with you there, Peter, having just read more about that huge undertaking so long ago. The mind boggles at Victorian man and his many achievements during that era.

Here's a story about the Woodingdean Well construction, outlining the hardships those workers faced for over four years. Makes for interesting reading. TC. the well

  Quickbeam 31 Aug 12

I have a friend that lives in a Victorian terrace villa that he keeps telling me has a brick lined well near the house in the back garden. It's something like a bottle kiln which makes me think it was a brick septic tank rather than a well!


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