Well then, here it is...

  martjc 10:02 26 May 06

...I'd like to give a cheer to the FE for:
1. Running a tight and fair ship.
2. Settling disputes and differences in a reasonable way.
3. Putting up with some of the rubbish that's posted here from time to time.

But, it would not be very resounding without YOUR help. I ask everyone who agrees to answer this post with a single word - HOORAY!

Lets show 'im we care!

  rmcqua 10:07 26 May 06


  Giant68 10:10 26 May 06


  justme 11:02 26 May 06


  Mr Mistoffelees 11:39 26 May 06


  johndrew 11:48 26 May 06


  mammak 12:52 26 May 06


  namtas 14:38 26 May 06

I am fairly well sure that the FE knows his worth without us having to resort to this. Count me out.

  rmcqua 15:05 26 May 06

If you don't like the post, or the spirit in which it was clearly intended, why not just remain silent? Is personal abuse really necessary, even in something as innocent as this?

  martjc 15:11 26 May 06

...who's being holier now????? Wasn't it you who complained about abuse on the forum?

Thanks rmcqua: Although you are right, you don't know the whole story.

  namtas 15:31 26 May 06

My post is in no way abusive, I was simply stating my observation of martjc post. He is fully entitled to post what he wants as long as it is within the forum rules. However if he does this on a public forum then equally he can expect to recieve comments favourable or unfavourable. We dont have to all agree.
I really think that you are overacting a tad and should open your eyes.

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