Well, I've literally splashed out

  TopCat® 14:45 11 Aug 07

and bought a new eighteen foot sports boat. It arrived fully PDIed and warranted for three years on Friday and it makes it maiden voyage tomorrow. It came with a Volvo Penta 190hp engine with the first of a new design of stern drive in this country. She looks great and I'm looking forward to taking my daughter and family out and around St Austell Bay tomorrow.

Here's a few shots of this model and further info on it: click here We have the convertible top and full canvas options on our boat: click here

Anchors aweigh tomorrow!! :o) TC.

  4gig 14:56 11 Aug 07

TopCat® good luck for your maiden voyage to-morrow.
Looks like fun.

I looked at your link for the convertible tops.
I've heard that the Vista Canvas tops will cause severe drag causing the boat to slow down to the speed of their old W98 SE Horizon model lol

Break an oar.

  wiz-king 14:58 11 Aug 07

OK - I will let my brother in law know, he works at Falmouth coastgard!...*grin*

  dan* 14:59 11 Aug 07

TC on a boat! What will officer Dibble say:-)

Good luck with your maiden voyage on Sunday.

  TopCat® 15:11 11 Aug 07

Got all the ship-to-shore radio equipment, tell him! Oh, and everyone will be wearing life-jackets whilst I'm the skipper!!

Will only be moving sedately around to start off with as the engine needs to be 'run-in' for a few hours. Then look out - it can do around thirty five knots on full throttle! :o) TC.

  TopCat® 15:15 11 Aug 07

It's the Horizon model I have so the Vista canvas rigs do not apply, thank goodness! TC.

  Kate B 15:23 11 Aug 07

That looks like a lot of fun! Fantastic, TC, enjoy your new toy, er, serious purchase.

  TopCat® 15:38 11 Aug 07

I hope to put up some pictures afterwards taken with the mobile phones but will need to have help in going about it. I've forgotten how one does it! TC.

  Forum Editor 15:47 11 Aug 07

I'll look forward to a ride, next time I'm in St. Austell.

  Bingalau 16:09 11 Aug 07

TC. Enjoy it. An R.A.F. neighbour and I with (the help of a Singapore Airlines Pilot) in Singapore, built one something like that back in the sixties. We based it at the Yacht club in R.A.F. Seletar and had lots of fun with our children in the next couple of years. Regret we had to leave it there and haven't seen it since. Bon Voyage and enjoy to the full.

  4gig 16:10 11 Aug 07

TopCat® hope you have better luck than I had on Thursday when my little one took me to a water splash park.
I normally avoid all funfair rides and even basic local park roundabouts due to hating them since I was a kid!

We queued for half an hour for the main ride.We sat on the dinghy ,made for two,with my heart rapidly beating. We very quickly slide down the first very steep water filled semi-tube. But,that's where we stayed!

Instead of flying up the incline we were both stuck at the bottom.Eventually,help arrived and supplied us with hard hats.
The ride was closed until we crawled and slide down the various curved enclosed tubes until we arrived back at the start of the ride.

The good news was we went straight to the front of the queue and tried again!!
Looking back I think that when we hit the dip I was so tense that I directed all my strength down onto the dinghy causing the Vista effect and slowing down the boat. Maybe not.

But,my head's still not quite right yet.

Once again TopCat® good luck and Relax.

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