Well Done PCA site peeps.

  Snec 19:32 08 Sep 05

Yup, you got it now. This site is almost as quick as eBay ..... and that's going some!(OK, I realise they may have a couple of more users)... Well done!

  joesoaps 20:40 08 Sep 05

All seems to be running smoothly again.

  Snec 21:07 08 Sep 05

Nope...... take it back:

A message has been posted to your thread= Times Out.

Bad luck, nice try PCA.

  Forum Editor 23:39 08 Sep 05

in response to a comment about timeout errors. A forum member commented that the site appeared to be waiting longer before a timeout error appeared. My response seems appropriate to your thread too, so I'll repeat it here:-

"That's because we've increased the timeout lag - the software will now wait longer before triggering the error message. We've done this as an experiment - to see if we can run the whole site, with all the facilities going, and not have timeouts. It's a trial and error procedure because of course we can't test, it's impossible to simulate a full-scale forum loading - the only way to know is to run the site under real conditions and see what happens - you are our testers if you like."

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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