Weird and Wonderful Names. Good Article

  Bingalau 08 Jul 12

I've just read this article and enjoyed it. Made me wonder if anybody on here has a wonderful unusual name and is not too ashamed to disclose it?

I hope the link works. Don't stop reading the article at the picture as I nearly did. There are a couple more paragraphs.

  Aitchbee 08 Jul 12

My brother was christened Cornelius but we all know him as Neil.It gets complicated when he has to sign cheques with a C.

  Aitchbee 08 Jul 12

Rumplestiltzkin is a hard one to beat ;o]

  john bunyan 08 Jul 12

When I joined the RM , one of our squad was one David Balls. Being an extrovert, he would amuse us by making a small mistake in drill, and the DI 1 would shout "You - number 3 in first rank,what is your name?" the whole squad were given extra drill when he shouted back: "Balls, Colour Sergeant!" , causing a big laugh. A school friend was John Thomas Painter-Brown..

  Aitchbee 08 Jul 12

The legendary jazzman Louis Armstrong was also known as 'Satchmo' 'cos of his voluminous trumpet-blowin' cheeks!

  Bingalau 08 Jul 12

john bunyan. I have heard of a joke about a private soldier by the name of "Darling" But I can't quite remember it. Something similar to your tale of Marine Balls. I expect he got the nickname "Big" in the Corps. Of course these days it would be "Golden".

  Bingalau 08 Jul 12

AitchBEE. I thought you were zipped up. Mind you I think it would take a satchel mouth size zip to do that job. Sorry wrong thread.....

  Quickbeam 09 Jul 12

Being named after pencil lead is quite unique, more so than after a character from Planet of the Apes...

  morddwyd 09 Jul 12

My own name is pretty unusual, even in Wales.

  BT 09 Jul 12

We had a bloke at work whose surname was Dyke. The 'Naughty word' filter on the system kept throwing out his Emails as unacceptable.

  Chegs ®™ 09 Jul 12

My sister was in infant school & the Teacher was compiling a list of the parent/guardian of everyone in the whole class.As the teacher worked round the class asking each child,it was producing lots of giggling until the teacher snapped out "for goodness sake,you should only laugh if it's something really silly like Frederick or George" My sister was next & revealed my Fathers names "Frederick George" :)


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