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  Terry Brown 01 Oct 11

My sister has had a sales web site built, but currently has very few 'hits'.

Any suggestions on how to get it more noticeable.

She already promotes it on her twiter and Facebook sites.


  interzone55 01 Oct 11

There are a number of companies who will add "features" to a site that promise to take it to the top of Google rankings.

Many will charge for this work, but some will do a basic service for free.

One such company is http://www.locallinkup.com/ a friend of mine has used this service and says they get good results for a while, but whenever Google change their algorithm hits drop off until Local Linkup change their coding

  wiz-king 01 Oct 11

A website is like any other form of advertising, if you are a small player you have to go local or find a niche market. If your sister is in a niche market then she needs to advertise her website in specialist publications for that market - this invariably has a long time lag, or get links on other websites catering for a similar market. (If I link to you will you put up my link?)

  spuds 01 Oct 11

You might find a little help and advice here http://websitehelpers.com/seo/

  interzone55 01 Oct 11

fourm member

Google soon spot the kind of manipulation you mention, but it will take a long time for a site selling Maori porcelain simply by word of mouth, so by building in the correct code you can grab sublinks for other sites dealing in the same products.

  Terry Brown 02 Oct 11

Forum Member

She is not trying to 'Manipulate the market', just seeking advise about the best ways to promote her site, prefereably with miminal cost.


I have passed her your link, so she has the choice to look at it.

In case you are interested, My sisters husband is seriously ill (no hope of recovery) and she needs to be at home to look after him. This is an attempt to raise some cash to pay bills and a few extra's to make his life more comfortable.



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